I am Reinier Bonifacio.

Reinier Bonifacio / ボニファショレイニア

Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Majoring in Intersectionality Studies.

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I am Reinier Bonifacio, and I am really interested in meeting people from different parts of the world! I love to listen to music, take photos, design, and produce outputs! I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Hello! I’m Reinier Bonifacio, 3rd year in GIS majoring in Intersectionality Studies. I am from the Philippines and I moved to Japan to be with my family seven years ago! Since then, I have been passionate about learning the Japanese language, digging deeper into Japanese culture, and making friends! My very diverse high school and my department now in Hosei University made me very passionate about meeting and interacting with a lot more people from different countries! I really love the international community that I am in now and I cannot wait to meet more from Hosei University’s sister universities around the world! I hope we will all have a good time meeting online, and hopefully, when everything is safe already, meet up in person someday! I am looking forward to seeing you all!